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Why i started

Gutter Growth

Tim Crouch is a trailblazing entrepreneur who has been in the gutter industry for over 20 years. He has overcome massive adversity in his life, as well as built and also sold one of the busiest service businesses in Florida.

Throughout his career, Tim has consistently proven himself to be a visionary who has always led with a servant leaders heart. He is passionate about helping other small business owners to achieve their goals and has dedicated much of his time to sharing his expertise with others in the industry.

As a coach and consultant, Tim provides invaluable support to his clients, offering them guidance and advice on how to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. With his extensive knowledge of the industry, he is able to provide insights and strategies that enable his clients to achieve their goals and reach new levels of success.

coach and business consultant

The Value I Bring to

Gutter Growth

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in the gutter industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this mastermind group. As a seasoned professional and high-level trainer, I've mastered every aspect of the gutter business while working in diverse regions across the United States, allowing me to adapt to different installation methods.

My passion for service and an impeccable track record in achieving business success are at the core of my commitment to this industry. What sets me apart is my role as an ambassador for several leading products, and I'm enthusiastic about using my industry connections and insights to boost your material margins.

As a gutter coach, I'm ready to share my expertise and collaborate with like-minded professionals, helping you reach new heights of excellence in the world of gutters.

coach and business consultant

sales mastery and mentorship with

Gutter Growth

Humble beginnings as a freshman in college knocking on doors to set home improvement leads to pay for food, has led to over 25 years of Home Improvement Sales experience. I’ve been on more than 10k appointments in my career and have seen most everything that you can experience.

For the last half of my career, I have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry sharing that experience in roles such as Sales Manager and National Sales Trainer. While I love to catch an order, my biggest passion is helping others to not only reach their sales potential, but to exceed it.

As a coach, I focus on process over outlines, asking over telling and strategy over scripts. Whether you are a seasoned closer or have never taken an order, I can give you tools to improve your craft and not only bring home more business, but at a higher price.

I am thrilled to be part of the Gutter Growth family and can’t wait to see your success!

Christopher Dobrosky


Cory Jay is the owner and operator of Advantage Home Pros, A multi-million dollar seamless gutter and roofing installation business based out of Brainerd, Minnesota. Before running Advantage Home Pros, Cory was immersed in the construction trades with experiences in framing, exteriors, and finishing carpentry. With a well-rounded construction background, Cory has used his knowledge to build a successfulsolution-based gutter installation and roofing services company serving multiple states and helping to provide careers for many families. Cory has taken a trade that has been under-appreciated in most markets and has grown his company into a leading standard in the industry by offering an unsurpassed client experience from the first consultation through the installation process.

Along with operating Advantage Home Pros, Cory owns a well-received barbeque store, The Smokestack BBQ Supply Store, with two locations in Minnesota. He is also partnered with many other businesses in the communities he serves. Cory is always exploring further ways to improve his talents and expand his outreach by continually communicating and working with other businesses in all industries.

Along with his strong entrepreneurial drive, Cory also has a strong family life with his wife Kari, and his sons Cason (9) and Kaleb (7). They enjoy exploring the outdoors together and taking weekend trips in their jeep.

Cory Jay

breakout MENTOR

Tina Hart, the visionary force behind Idaho Custom Rain Gutters, has embarked on an extraordinary journey over the past decade alongside her partner, Scott Tomlinson. Together, they founded the company with a singular focus on crafting a scalable and enduring business model that has propelled them beyond the $3 million milestone, specializing exclusively in the world of gutters.

At the core of their thriving enterprise is a team of 14 dedicated individuals who thrive in an environment nurtured by Tina's unwavering commitment to excellence. This environment not only fuels the company's success but also affords Scott the freedom to pursue his passions for hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventures. For Tina, her passion for helping people is what truly sets her soul on fire.

Leveraging her expertise as a Jobber and Arcsite expert, as well as an administrative virtuoso, Tina supports and elevates other gutter businesses through insightful in-person consultations. Beyond her company, Tina has recently joined the prestigious Gutter Growth mastermind as a mentor for the program, further solidifying her reputation as a luminary in the industry. Her dedication to empowering others to achieve unparalleled success is matched only by her love for her family, relishing the freedom to be with her kids at any moment. Tina's impact reaches far and wide, setting a shining example of leadership, innovation, and heartfelt dedication in the field.

Tina Hart

breakout MENTOR

the most elite Mastermind & Coaching Group

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